Pottery Studio and Fine Art

Northern Michigan's best little gallery on the corner

Good Harbor Gallery is Located in Beautiful Leelanau County

Here's to a spectacular Summer and Fall in beautiful Leelanau County! We look forward to sharing our work with all of our visitors up north. Great beaches, fantastic trails, the natural beauty of the area seem to make it go by so fast. Our collection of Pottery and other Art is a reminder too of the joyous work we've accomplished.

This spring we've finished up with our painting and photography projects and have started working on pottery again. We love this brief time of the year to gear up for the summer season. We have several new pottery projects in the works and can't wait to show them off over the summer.

Good Harbor Gallery is a working Pottery Studio as well as a Fine Art Gallery. Owners Victoria and Gary Gallup started Good Harbor Gallery in 2001. Situated on the corner of M-22 and Maple City Road near the National Lakeshore, the Gallery offers exceptional art in several mediums.

Victoria's specialty is high fired stoneware and porcelain pottery and decorative ceramic tiles. She is also a photographer and painter working with watercolor, acrylics and pastels.

Gary is a photographer and specializes in landscapes and images of Leelanau County and the National Lakeshore. He's also a potter and watercolor painter.

Kate is an all around artist. Her creative spirit is boundless. Whether it be pottery, painting, or jewelry, what she creats is beautiful and fun.

Open Summers10-5 M-S, Fall 10-5 F-S.